The Hay Wain, painting by John Constable, 1821

The musical Precious Bane is an adaptation of the celebrated 1926 novel by Mary Webb.

Set in 1815, Precious Bane is the story of Prue Sarn, who was born with the “Witch’s Mark”. Her brother Gideon says no man will ever love her, so she must join him in his quest for wealth and power. But Kester the Weaver sees beyond Prue’s flawed face. She is his ideal woman, his one and only Life’s Companion. Prue must summon all her strength to break the downward spiral set in motion by Gideon’s ruthlessness.

Precious Bane creates a strange world of interwoven joy and sorrow, humor and danger, drawing the audience in and carrying us forward from the first scene to the last. Powerful music brings the characters to life, evoking the emotional experience of both heroes and villains. With warm and beautiful songs, the lead role, Prue Sarn, wins our hearts as she simultaneously fights for and hides from love, trying to be the best she can be. I left the theater feeling refreshed and hopeful.”
—Hilary Sallick, poet (Winter Roses)

“A rousing and romantic story! Very powerful and moving, and the music will swell its already very large emotions. The minor characters are sharply drawn, and Prue, Gideon, and Kester are all fully human—though Prue and Kester are kinder and nobler than most—while Gideon (my favorite character) develops nicely into his monstrous and finally guilt-ridden self. After a thoughtful Act I, events tumble to their conclusion in Act II. Can’t wait to see it on stage!”
—Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro, playwright, Cambridge MA

“This is excellent, dramatic, compelling.”
—Dr. Gladys Mary Coles, President, the Mary Webb Society

Precious Bane brought back my memories of the book, the atmosphere so well captured in the dialogue and the Greek Chorus effect that served to represent descriptive passages in the novel. That was an inspired idea! The script and music are so interwoven that together they equal far more than the sum of their parts. It pulled me along: I could hardly put it down. Congratulations—with thanks for enriching my life.”
—Roberta Humez, Conductor emerita, Youth Pro Musica

“Beautiful Miriam Raiken-Kolb-trademark music....story compelling.....”
—Andrea Southwick, Director, Southwick Studio