The Hay Wain, painting by John Constable, 1821

World Premiere Performance
March 2017

These are photos from the world premiere performance, directed by Heather Daley and Mark Prokes, musical direction by Yunzhi Guan, at the Needham Community Theatre in March 2017. Click on any image below to see the full-size photo.

Gideon proposes to Jancis
Gideon proposes to Jancis
Kester at the dog fight
Kester the weaver
Prue saves Kester’s life at the dog fight

Prue writes to Kester
My Dearest Darling Sweetheart quartet
The Dragonfly
Missis Beguildy and Prue
Beguildy confronts Gideon and Jancis
Kester writes to Prue
Tivvy and Gideon
Gideon prepares poison for mother
Mother dies of poison
Jancis with baby

Gideon sees Jancis’ ghost in the water
Kester wrestles Hugelet
Kester kisses Prue’s flawed lips

When the Spring’s upon us